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Have you ever been frustrated while trying to find or locate that special book, photo, article, dvd, etc etc. This page is dedicated to helping you find it. Send in your request and it will be listed below, as will any answers that we receive from people trying to help you.


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A few years ago I found a second hand book called 'Commando' by Hugh McManners published in 1994, and on the cover it also meantioned that the book accompanies the TV series of the same name.
Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction where I can purchase a copy of the TV series?
Thanks Terry





During the 1963/64 while I was serving in 40 Cdo the BBC arrived in Sarawak and filmed us while on patrol etc etc. Some still photos were used on one of the recruitment drives, showing 2 Troop in an assault boat. I remember my Mother writing to me to mention she had seen it on television and at that time it was titled ‘Jungle Green’. To this day I have never seen it. Would anybody be able to pass on information where I might be able to purchase a copy?
Thanks Terry