RMAQ Constitution

1.   TITLE.

(a)     The organization shall be known as the ROYAL MARINES ASSOCIATION, QUEENSLAND, herein after referred to as the R.M.A.Q.
(b)     The term ‘Royal Marine’ as used in these rules shall mean past and present     members of the Royal Marines.
(c)    The title of the association may not be changed except by a unanimous vote of those members of the association who are Royal Marines as classed in Rule 1(b)


(a)  To promote and maintain comradeship, fellowship and esprit-de-corps among all Royal Marines, and the members of all R.M.A. Branches and Associations throughout the Globe.
(b)  To advise and where possible assist and promote the welfare of R.M.A.Q. members.
(c)   To establish and maintain contact with other organizations which concern themselves with the welfare of ex-service personnel.
(d)  The welfare activities of the R.M.A.Q. are governed by the fact that the relief of any form of distress among Royal Marines and their dependants is vested by the Royal Charter in the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust.

The R.M.A.Q will be comprised of eight classes of membership:
[i] Royal Marines as defined in Rule 1 (b)
[ii] Members or former members of the Royal Navy, Women’s Royal Naval Service, British Army or Royal Air Force who served on the strength of an RM Unit, Formation, Establishment, Ship or Naval craft with a Royal Marines Detachment.
[iii] Any person who was a full member of the “Queensland Branch, Royal Marines Association” on the 16th February, 1999. (Any proposal to put forward Senior Membership or Life membership must be made in writing to the executive committee)
Any Full or Associate member with Five (5) years continuous membership of the R.M.A.Q. immediately prior to their Seventy-fifth (75) birthday, may be awarded Free Membership of the association for life, retaining all rights and privileges.
Such Members may, if they request, make an annual contribution equal to a membership subscription.
In special circumstances and at the discretion of a simple majority of members present at any G.M., the length of membership and /or age requirement for such membership may be waived.
All Full or Associate members with the required length of membership will have their names placed before members present at the first G.M. following their Seventy-fifth (75) birthday for approval.
Senior Membership of the R.M.A.Q. may be withdrawn from any member by a simple majority of members present at any G.M. for any act or omission deemed to be unacceptable or detrimental to the good name of the association.

[i]   Family members e.g. Spouses, Widows, Widowers, Brothers, Sisters and Children of Full members as defined in Rule 3(a)

[ii] Members or Former members of the Commonwealth and WW2 Allied Armed Forces.

Notes.  Associates members may not hold the R.M.A.Q. office of President, Vice-President or Treasurer.
            Associate Members may vote at any R.M.A.Q. meeting provided that the number of Associate Members present at the meeting does not equal or exceed the number of Full Members present.

Life Membership of the R.M.A.Q. may be conferred on any member who’s efforts on behalf of the R.M.A.Q. are deemed to be worthy of such honour by the majority decision of the members at any meeting.

Honorary Membership may be conferred on any person considered worthy of the privilege by a majority decision of the members present at any meeting.

Note.  Honorary members are not required to pay subscription fees and may not vote at any meeting.

All members of UK branches of the Royal Marines Association, and R.M. Associations outside of the United Kingdom are deemed Affiliated Members.
All Full Members of the Royal Naval Association are automatically Affiliated Members of the R.M.A.Q.

This classification of membership is an adjunct and applies to Full and Associate members, but NOT Family membership.
Any of the defined members who live in excess of a 100 kilometres radius from the current meeting venue of the RMAQ, may pay 50% of the current RMAQ subscription.


(a)   Membership fees shall be fixed on an annual basis as determined by the Committee of Management and ratified by an Annual General Meeting, are payable by all Full, Associate and Life Members at or before the Annual General meeting of each year. 
(b)  Family Associate members as defined in Section 3(c) shall pay subscription of 50% of the prescribed fee.


(a)  Officers shall be elected from the financial members each year at the Annual General Meeting.
(b)  The office of President, Vice- President and Treasurer may be held by only those members defined as Royal Marines under Rule 1(b) (Under extraordinary circumstances a non Royal Marine member as defined under Rule 1(b) may hold a position as determined in Rule 5(b), after the holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M.) as detailed in Rule 7(d).))
(c)   An Executive Committee hereafter referred to as the E.C.  shall be comprosed of the following elected officers.
The chief executive officer, responsible for the direction, administration and operation of the association.  To chair all meetings and to hold a casting vote in any tied decisions.  To have the power to veto any decisions taken where the majority of voting members exceeds the number of Royal Marines, as defined in Rule 1(b) being present.
 Note:  The president shall not hold concurrently any other Executive Committee office.
Vice President (Executive)
To assume all the duties and responsibilities of the President in his absence except that of the right to veto, which shall remain the perogative of the President to exercise at his discretion.
To assist and advise the President in the performance of his duties when required or requested.
Vice President (Administration)
 To assume all the duties and responsibilities of the President in his absence, or absence of the Vice President (Executive) except that of the right to veto, which shall remain the perogative of the President to exercise at his discretion.
To assist and advise the President and Vice President (Executive) in the performance of their duties when required or requested.
The Vice President (Administration) is to coordinate and oversee all administrative matters within the RMAQ and to assist and support the Treasurer and Secretary if required.
Responsible to the President for the maintenance of accounts as per Item 10.

Responsible for the taking and preparation of minutes of all meetings, and the presenting thereof at the meeting of the following month.  To prepare and present the minutes of an AGM. For the correct maintenance of the members records. For the preparation and dispatch of all correspondence outwards as directed. For the receipt and presentation at meetings of all inward correspondence and filing of such correspondence including electronic.
(i) A General Committee, hereafter referred to as the G.C. shall be comprise of not less than two and not more than five elected members
(ii) A Committee of Management hereafter referred to as the C.o.M. will be comprised of the E.C. and the G.C., and any non-elected member who shall be called upon by the President to attend.
(iii) The C.o.M. shall have the power to appoint any financial member to any position falling vacant during the year to the A.G.M. providing that any such appointment complies with Rule 5(a) and that then C.o.M. shall contain a majority of Royal Marines as defined in Rule 1(b).
(a)  An Annual General Meeting, hereafter referred to as the A.G.M., shall be held during the month of March each year.
(b) A General Meeting, hereafter referred to as a G.M., may be held each month at a date and time set by the C.o.M.
(c) Meeting of the C.o.M. as and when deemed necessary.
(d) An Extraordinary General Meeting, hereafter referred to as an E.G.M., can be conveyed by not less   than six financial members signing a petition and served upon the President or presiding Officer, who shall within fourteen days of receipt of the petition instruct the Secretary to circulate the membership with a copy of the petition and the date, place and time of the E.G.M. which shall be held within thirty-one days of the date of the receipt of the petition.
(e) Items for the agenda of the A.G.M. shall be forwarded to the Secretary before the 14th day of February each year and who shall cause a copy of the agenda to be forwarded to all members not later that the 1st Sunday of March of the year.
The quorum for an A.G.M., G.M. or E.G.M. shall not be less than five financial members and the E.C. and must contain a majority of Royal Marines as defined in Rule 1(b).
(a)  All financial members shall reserve the right to one vote when called on to do so.
(b)  Voting by secret ballot shall be at the discretion of the Presiding Officer of the meeting.
(c)   In the event of a tied vote the Presiding Officer shall have the casting vote.
(d)   Any motion voted upon shall be deemed passed by a simple majority except as provided in Rule 12(b)
(a)  The Treasurer shall cause all monies received by the R.M.A.Q. however raised to be covered by a receipt duly recorded into a Cash Book and banked to the credit of the R.M.A.Q. in a bank or banks as shall be named.
(b)  All accounts payable by the R.M.A.Q. shall first be approved for payment by the E.C. or at the G.M.
(c)   In the event of an emergency the Treasurer or the Secretary shall reserve the right to draw a sum not exceeding One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars.
(d)  All cheques drawn for payment shall be signed by any two of either the president, the vice presidents (Executive or Administration) or Secretary.
(e)  The Treasurer shall present or cause to be presented a Financial Statement of the accounts at all G.M.
(f)   The Treasurer shall present or cause to be presented a Statement of Income and Expenditure together with an Annual Balance Sheet duly signed at the A.G.M.
(g)  An independent audit of the accounts can be moved for by any financial member present at any meeting, if it is considered that such is required and the motion is supported by a simple majority of the members present.
(h)  Any such independent audit to be carried out by any financial member, other than a member of the E.C., provided that such member be acceptable to a simple majority of the members present.
(i)   Any such audit is to be completed within 30 days of the date moved for or the next general meeting, which ever shall come first.
(j)    The raising of two (2) statements to be provided by the bank of the RMAQ and forwarded to the Treasurer and Secretary.
(a)  Two Trustees shall be appointed to hold permanent office at the discretion of the C.o.M.
(b)  The property and assets of the R.M.A.Q. other than monies shall be vested in the Trustees, to be dealt with as the C.o.M. may from time to time direct.
(c)   They will cause to be maintained a list of all property and/or assets and the location thereof held by the  R.M.A.Q.
(d)  Trustees may at any time resign from office by giving fourteen days written notice to the Secretary or can be removed from office by resolution.
(a)  A special meeting may be convened as per Rule 7(d) to consider any resolution to dissolve the R.M.A.Q.
(b)  Not withstanding Rule 9(d) a vote to dissolve the R.M.A.Q. must record a majority of not less than 75% of the Full Members in attendance, a simple majority of whom must be Royal Marines as defined in Rule 1(b).
(c)   Providing all debts and liabilities have been met the remaining property and assets at the discretion of the controlling officers be disposed of to:
(i)   Plymouth & District Branch. R.M.A.
(ii) R.M.A. Associations in Australia.
(iii)Kindred organizations with similar objects.
(d)  Notification of the dissolution absolute shall be given to the General Secretary, R.M.A. 

(a)  Additions, amendments and/or deletions to these Rules and By-Laws may be considered at any G.M., A.G.M. or at a Special Meeting convened for that purpose.
(b)  Notification of any proposed change must be signed by three financial members and received by the Secretary not less than fourteen days prior to the A.G.M. or twenty-eight days prior to the calling of a Special Meeting.

  1. Voting shall be restricted to financial Full Members only and in accordance with Rule 12(b).


(a)        Members of the Royal Marines Association Queensland Branch (RMAQ) are required, under the Code of Conduct, to behave at all times in a way which upholds branch values;

  1. Behave honestly and with integrity;


  1. Treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and without harassment;
  1. Sexual harassment, as in unwanted or unwelcome touching and sexually explicit comments will not be tolerated;


  1. Profane or inappropriate language is to be avoided;
  1. Observe the requirements of a non-smoking area; and


  1. No headwear to be worn in the mess (R.M.A.Q. Meeting Room).

The Code of Conduct has been implemented to ensure that the RMAQ is in accord with Queensland  State Law, contemporary community standards and other service organisations.


(As re-draughted by Messrs D. Hornby & A. Brown & Ratified on 9th July 2013.)